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We Love Animals and What We Do!

As avid pet lovers and owners, we understand what it means to lose a beloved pet and member of the family. Our pets give us nothing but unconditional love throughout their entire life, there is really no love like the love of a pet. An animal, that is not even the same species as you, chooses to play with you when you're bored, cuddle you when you're sad, and sometimes even give their own life to protect you. They don't have to and they still do it. They know that you're special to them. Sometimes you're their whole world. For all the love they give to us during their lives, we see no better reason then to give them the loving care and dignified farewell they deserve. A cremation offers all pet owners the option to farewell their beloved pets and to be able to bring them home for their eternal rest. A last loving gesture for your loving pet who will be affectionately remembered and greatly missed.

All of our cremation packages include:

  • Collection from your home or veterinary clinic

  • Individual cremation

  • Certificate of authentic cremation (our guarantee that you will
    receive all of and only your pets ashes)

  • Poem

  • Ashes returned in an urn of your choice 

  • Delivery of your pets ashes back to your home or veterinary clinic

Simply choose your urn preference

Scatter box
Scatter box
Wooden photo urn
colour may vary due to availability
White Ceramic Marble Effect Urn
for pets up to 25kg only
Optional Extras

Framed paw print

we take an ink print of your pets 2 front paws, print their name and place it in a photo frame.

Lock of fur

we take a cutting of your pets fur and place it in a beautiful little glass bottle 

After hours collection

Out of area collection

If you choose not to have your pet's ashes returned

Cremation only

If you don't require your pets ashes returned we offer a cremation only service which includes

collection from your home or Vet

cremation of your pet with other pet friends, cremation certificate and ashes scattered in a dignified matter at our family farm.

Scatter box